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  • Are you seeking ethically-sourced biosamples for medical research?
  • Are you developing a business plan for your biobank?
  • Is your biobank seeking a partnership with biotech/pharma company?
  • Is your biotech/pharma company seeking a partnership with a biobank or group of biobanks?

Biosample Management Ltd provides support on all the above, on a consultancy basis.

Unique Selling Point

Specialist expertise in (1) sourcing biospecimens from academic biobanks and (2) managing collaborations between academic biobanks and industry partners. Dr Robert Hewitt (Director, Biosample Management Ltd) has the following relevant experience:

  • As manager of academic biobanks in London and Singapore he was involved in setting up collaborations with multiple industry partners.
  • As president of ISBER and co-founder/manager of ESBB he ran Pharma-Academia working groups in both organisations.
  • As an employee of a commercial biobanking organisation he managed partnerships between numerous academic biobanks and biotech/pharma companies.
  • As a consultant he has established multiple links and partnerships between academic biobanks and biotech/pharma companies.



“We have worked extensively with Robert and have found him to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful in connecting with potential biobank partners”

David Kavanagh, PhD. Vice President, Site Head-Ireland, and Managing Director – Genuity Science